Iron Ranger 8085 - Copper Rough & Tough Boots

Finally some quality boots that lasts for an eternity

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Disclaimer: I'm not paid to write about this post, this is purely my ownership experience using these boots! This one deserves to be mentioned and hence I'm writing this post!

I don't normally like to write about or make videos about my boots, but I could not resist the temptation to make a video and write about my Red Wing Iron Ranger boots from Red Wing shoe company, Minnesota!

I purchased a pair of Red Wing Iron Ranger boots from the Red Wing retail store in Amsterdam around early 2018, I absolutely love the way it wears. I like everything about this shoe, be its quality leather, wearability, the comfort and the safety it gives. These shoes are made out of very high quality hide such that it will last you for an eternity. The more you wear them the more they become truly yours. They age so beautifully over time. Here are some videos that I made about my experience using these boots!

Update on (TODO.... add date): Here is an ownership update after almost a year of using my boots!

Now, if you are looking to purchasing a quality boots that will serve you forever, just grab a pair of Red Wing boots! You will never go wrong!