Oh my left knee - You cause my problems!

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This morning it was just a normal day as always. We always have some balloons in our hall as my younger daughter likes to play it like a volleyball with me. I also enjoy entertaining her for some time.

So there were a few balloons in the hall, I casually like to kick it. As I kicked one off my right leg, my left leg kind of went out of balance, it twisted (as I have no cross ligaments because of my MTB accident 2 years ago). It was such a shocking sensation and such an intense pain that I could not stand anymore, I fell down ferociously!

My wife and my elder daughter who were nearby came rushing hearing the sound of my fall and my cries against the pain. For the next 5 to 10 minutes I felt such a pounding sensation on my left leg! It felt as though I had a severe accident! This is pure agony! Nevertheless, I guess I need to fix my left knee with an artificial ligament. I will probably consider operating it the next year or probably this winter after the MTB season this year ends. Until then, I'm gearing up for the summer to be on my MTB!