Moved From Zola to Hugo

What happened?

It was time to move again! In one of my earlier posts, I have mentioned my move from Blogger to GH-Pages and for that I decided to go with Zola. It was all fine, but after a few months, I wanted to have few additional features for the theme that I was using. It was such a great and a simple theme and looked so elegant, but some features that I was in dire need of was kind of missing.

So I decided that it was time to move on and started to explore on Hugo. I came across this yet another beautiful theme that I could not resist as it was ticking the boxes for all what I want (as of today). Without hesitation, I started to migrate my blog content, and the CI / CD build to reflect this new theme that is based on Hugo. After some hurdles, I was able to move everything from left (Zola) to right (Hugo) in just a day.

Kudos to these SSG's (Static Site Generators), they are really awesome.