Once more a blow, a nasty one this time

I could not say this more than what the title says. I had a very severe blow to my already damaged left knee. First a bit of history here and here.

It was on the 28th of September where I went for my first ever defensive sport training called "VingTsun". Inspired by my Physio friend who is a beginner, I decided to give this training a try. I indeed watched few videos of it before committing myself to joining him for the training session which starts around 20:00 Hours near to where I live.

Convinced that if during the training, should I need to use my legs a lot, I would talk to the trainer and avoid such moves, I happily started my session. Well guess, in the first 10 minutes where we were just warming up, I inflicted a severe blow to my left knee. What happened was, we were asked to run, run, stop, jump, run. Run was Okay, Run was Okay, Stop was Okay, but when I jumped (I guess it was the third time of my jump), and landed, my left knee buckled, and I fell down with such an excruciating pain. The pain was so intense that I could not breathe anymore, I was gasping for air.

My Physio friend tried to help out by pressing his hand against my knee, but that did not help. For the next 10 minutes I was just shouting out loud without being able to bear the pain. I got some ice applied, and I was just moved over to the corner of the room. As my home is a few kilometers away, and I was not in a position to travel back alone, I waited for the session to finish. My physio friend toed me on my bike back home.

Fast-forward a week, I'm back with my crutches. I think it is time for me to think about getting this damn thing operated. The pain was there for almost a week, and I still have the effect in my knee from the impact.