4 Months update of my Knee

It is now roughly 4 months since I injured my knee and the recovery so far has been very positive. On the downside, I have the feeling that my knee is not like it was before! Occasionally I get a strange wobbly feeling on my injured knee!

So for the first 2 months, I was not able to fully stretch or bend my injured leg, but that got a lot better now. I can fully flex my left leg - as good as the right leg, but there is still a 10 to 20 degrees of deficit when bending it. I'm happy to have recovered to this extent. The last 2 weeks, I was back on my MTB - not yet on gnarly mountains, but on single trails. I was able to do a couple of rides stretching anywhere between 35 ad 40 km in a single sitting. I remember having a weird feeling on my left knee after the ride, but I believe it is just a one off thing that got eventually better after a couple of minutes!

I'm now terribly confused. The 2019 season would start in just under 2 months from now. Getting a surgery is not an option now as it would put me off by 6 months using my bike. What I'm extremely afraid of are those jumps and drops and what effect would they have on my knee. Nevertheless, I don't want to be left without driving this season. I will avoid doing stunts and just drive for the fun of it! Hope to have a fun filled MTB season for 2019!