List of useful tech links


Topic Source
Simple Linear Regression Basics about doing Linear Regression
Probability Bayes Theorem Basics about Bayes theorem in Probability
Binomial Distribution Understanding basics behind Binomial distribution
Doing Gradient Descent Understanding basics on Gradient Descent
Essence of Calculus Series on understanding Calculus
Category Theory Basics about Category Theory

Useful Projects

Title Source
Grandslam 3D Mapping SLAM Mapping for Navigational Robots
Monix Asynchronous programming for the JVM

Technical Articles & Blogs

Title Source
IP Addressing Classful IP Addressing Basics
SRE How Complex Systems Fail


Title Source
Clutch yourself in a Trance - 1 Mahaavatar Babaji - 1
Clutch yourself in a Trance - 2 Mahaavatar Babaji - 2

Markdown Syntax Reference

Title Source
Markdown Syntax Reference Reference on how to format the Markdown content
Zola Extended Shortcodes Reference on how to format the Markdown Shortcodes
Useful Markdown Emoji's All Emoji References for Markdown