Deeply disappointed with Travis CI and the way OSS is treated

I have been a happy user of the Travis CI free usage over the last couple of years. But one announcement recently made me deeply worried. Have a look here at their announcement

Yes, Travis CI will no longer be free for OSS projects. There is no point in blaming Travis CI for this but rather on those idiots who abused the free usage with crypto minites and tor nodes. These bastards completely broke the trust Travis CI free tier gave for OSS projects. I loved their UI, and the way the builds are executed. I will no longer have the chance to use them. There is a free tier still available, but they are limited to 1000 minutes and this would mean that I can hardly do roughly 120 to 160 builds, and I'm not sure if this is spread over a year. But it is definitely not enough! Once they are exhausted, I probably need to beg for more. This is no fun!