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About Navo

Navo is my attempt to build an autonomous indoor navigational robot that can get past obstacles using sensors and software. Navo's goal is to be able to not only drive with its 4WD, but also be able to climb stairs, carry stuff around, respond to instructions. Have you seen the robots from Boston Dynamics? If not go check them out. Navo is a thought in that direction, done all by myself.

Here you will find more information on how to build the NAVO robot from scratch. This is a living documentation, and I will update it as soon as I have some time!

This project just contains the documentation website content for the Navo project. Topics I find interesting and important is going to be discussed in detail here. The navo project can be found here. Sorry it is currently private only!


This is a WIP, and I will update it as and when I get time to work on this project! Feel welcomed to read through some tutorials here!